Saturday, June 23, 2007

Hot days and warm nights

It took me a while to realize that when it comes to any daily routine unless you have been part of a military organization, as a civilian it is mostly a solitary ritual as most civilians are resined to sporadic athletic and sport activity at best, consistent only from their arm chair of the seasonal playoffs on the TV. Not to say that there are not some dedicated devotees that walk every day or hike every day or like me ride their bicycle everyday. Just seems that there are only one of each type devotee for each neighborhood, with everyone else occasionally participating once a month or so. I am not complaining mind you as I have gotten quite accustom to bicycling, motorcycling, and swimming alone without having to listen to the excuses of others as to why they couldn't make it. My only consistent companion the Lord of hosts who walks with us if we walk with him. I ended my evening ride today in the dusty desert with an evening swim at the club house pool, still about 90 degrees but oh so soothing.