Monday, May 28, 2007

Rendezvous San Fran W/kids and afternoon ride

I had an opportunity to take a road trip with my daughter Sandy who lives in N. Hollywood and is  software programmer. On our way to San Fran to see a Bjork concert we also met up with my son Nate from Virginia who is an electronics technician under contract with the Coast Guard on assignment in San Fran. I have experienced quite a bit and visited half the world but nothing compares to parenthood and blessing from God of having children. Two extraordinarily wonderful and independent children for whom I am well pleased and grateful. Anyone that thinks being deliberately barren is the way to freedom is only way too full of themselves and have only missed out on the most important, wonderful and greatest gift of life can offer. As wonderful as life is with all of its adventures and riches, it all pales in very small comparison to Gods blessing of children.
   After the trip and back home in Arizona, having sold off most of my toys the only one that didn't sell is the quad. I suspect it is a sign that I should enjoy it while I can. So after my morning and afternoon work outs, I still enjoying my trips out in the desert to take in the scenery and talk with the good Lord about my shortcomings and his love.