Sunday, April 15, 2007

Praise God for healing

Well its been a while since my last entry and I suppose with good reason as there has been some illness in my family. First I had my 3rd bought with Pneumonia in my life two weeks ago. I managed to stay on my feet and continue to be active just not so much cutting my workouts and motorcycle rides down considerably. Thankfully I live in the perfect climate for recovery as the dry desert air helped considerably and was back to my old self. Another illness involved my Brother in law who suffered some complications after a necessary surgery. After many days in the hospital ICU ward, today everyones prayers were answered when he turned an important corner showing great signs of improvement complete with smiles and a displayed sense of humor. It is a bit ironic as until today the weather here which is normally warm has been overcast, cool and windy until today when the skies turned beautiful complete with billowy clouds from the passing storms that plagued much of the nation this week. I could almost feel Gods answers to the many prayers of healing punctuated by the beautiful day He created.