Friday, March 16, 2007

Play and Chores

With summer here early the days have been warm but surprisingly comfortable with the low humidity at 3%. It was 97 today but it seemed like 80 with the only discomfort being the desire to drink lots off ice tea every hour or so. I even installed and painted a new roof shade for the porch swing and touched up the finish on a new security screen door Bob helped me install. The week has been busy as I am into my summer routine of getting up at 5:30 am to get to the gym by 6am for a 150 BPM cardio for 20 minutes. Then a ride on my dirt bike in the desert to see the sunrise, "beautiful for spacious skies".  I am guilty once again for leaving my camera behind so no pictures of the recent boat trip Bob and I took on the Speedster as she still looks and runs great after 11 years. Bob was laughing his head off doing donuts on the lake. Tomorrow is the Kingman Gun Show. I am in the process of getting my RV ready for a trip as Bob and I were considering a trip to northern New Mexico for a little speculating. All of the fun though make me miss my kids who were my best companions on any camping trip with my mom a close second.
   I am thankful for everything God has allowed me to experience so far and I pry I will be strong enough to forgo resentment when my ultimate trails come which we all must face, knowing that I was blessed even to have been born a living soul and hopefully faithful enough to commit my spirit to his hand for the promise of a new body, new heaven and a new earth through his son Jesus. Where we shall obtain laughter and joy and sorrow and morning will flee away ( Isaiah 51:10)