Monday, February 12, 2007


The desert has always been my favorite place, winter or summer it has a sacred quality with the most deafening silence and the most serene character and beauty. Dryness making winter and summer extremes comfortable, and yet the only place where thirst brings great flavor to water.  In comparison to most areas where humidity creates biting wind chill and drenched sweat cloths dominate outdoor activities.  At night desert its like being in space where the galaxy is clearly visible and shooting stars occur more often in a few minutes them most see in a lifetime under coastal smoggy-foggy skies. I feel blessed by GOD to be able to once again see the purity of air and dense billowy clouds against a royal blue sky as I did when I was a child, all things in the desert are purely defined without contamination, earth, sky, water, heat, cold, air, light, darkness, and silence! This is just one of many examples why It is worth repeating that our accusations toward God  for the problems we create are without merit when creation and our very existence is the ultimate expression of God love, justified and beyond reproach.
     Having said that, I can tell you that being outside is one of the reasons I haven't made an entry lately, I have also been using up my writing time on 3 of my favorite outdoor sports BBS sites, so some of my writing energy has been used up lately on discussions and debates. I had a chance to see how Edison, you know the people that own the big power platforms. Anyway they have been using big boom cranes to restring the high power lines and replacing the ceramic that holds the lines up, much larger then I expected. Bobs got his boat engine put pack together and is pretty proud of doing the work himself and we will be testing the boat out tomorrow in Lake Mohave. The locals here which includes the marina are very friendly and offered a rescue if the boat engine test ride doesn't go well tomorrow Bobs brother who is 65 was so stoked about our last off road adventure to Golden Valley that he arrived to visit Bob with a new Honda ATV in tow and of course wanted to try it out, so we packed the usual equipment, food and of course beer and decided to take a long trip to Golden Shores AZ near needles California, I said near California. It took us 3 hours and by the time we got there Bob and his brother were so sour we decided to take the quads back home via rout 66 to Oatmen then home which only took 40 minutes making it home just  before sundown.
   I will close this entry the way old Officers close each evening aboard ship, with a large cup of hot tea and two side shots of good sipping brandy.