Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Well although its only been a few days it seems like a week since I have been under the weather with one of the strongest colds I have had in a while. I know now it all started with my last visit to the doctor's office where the waiting room wait was 1 hour since its a walk in clinic. I loved raising my kids but why someone would allow their 3 year old child to run from person to person with a bad cold with dried saliva looking like a glazed donut is beyond me, luckily I brought a book and held my breath with each tug at my knee. But to no avail as the kid got me sick anyway. Well hopefully the flue shot worked cause there was a worse kid that came in later with the flue coughing his head off like one of those spitting sprinklers. Anyway I went out riding today for what seemed a long time for me and the overcast clouds looked beautiful bringing the spring rains but I think my small Fugi camera I recently bought just doesn't have the lens quality of my bigger S7000. I also took a picture of a new food product for those of you who are also trying to stave off fat hart disease. Tyson Chicken now sells individually wrapped  chicken  breast de-boned and skinless (old age talk). So the whole thing can be tossed in the freezer ready to remove and cook one portion of 12.
I want to praise the good Lord of whom I am not ashamed, for my returned health and the health of my son who recently got over the flew.