Friday, February 16, 2007

Bob's boat ride with brother Roy

From the last episode Bob was working to replace a striped out coupler to his boat engine. Now completed Bob asked me if I would go with for a shake down cruise to yest out the new coupler. For me as ling as it wasn't the weekend when all the out of towner's are here why not. Bob's baby brother Roy (65) retired from Torrance Fire Dept was in town. Ironically Roy grew up and lives in my old neighborhood. The evening before I worked out at the gym after a desert ride on my DRZ. Working out now seems to be a necessary routine just to keep me from injuring my self during these fun activities. The next morning we met across the street at Bob's house, packed up the boat and stopped to get some gas and beer. Catherin's landing at Lake Mohave was quiet and beautiful as it was a week day (Thurs) and local residence were getting in there boating fun before bracing for the weekend Cali frenzy. Bob's boat being more then twice the size and weight of my Speedster boat turned out to be much easier to launch then anticipated. We test rode the boat for 3 hours and the new engine coupler seemed to be work fine, the whole time having good conversation about  our return trip to catch Striper fish, over sandwiches and cold beer. The lake was placidly calm since there was little wind and few boats in the 230 mile lake. Haul out was as easy as launching.
    I once again thank God and his Son for a great day in a life I have not earned to behold such beautiful things.