Wednesday, February 21, 2007


 Yesterday I went to the doctors office for a results of my blood work and prescription for more blood pressure medication, the 1st long term meds I have ever had to take. The doctor had good news that my blood work and hart test were better then good. My blood pressure record I was required to keep since my last visit showed that I responded well to 1/2 pill of quinaprill a day. The doctor said the disparity of having such good blood work and hart test against mild high blood pressure is most likely because of my life long exercise routine and regiment of aspirin therapy for the last 20 years has offset my high risk factor of being overweight most of my life. The doctor said that under A-typical circumstances I would have probubly been dead already and recommended that if I want to get off the blood pressure meds, all I have to do is loose 30 pounds. The doctor also treated my trigger thumb with cortisone injections which stung like fire and a witches pinch. The doctor recommended that since I am ambidextrous that I start deliberately using my left hand and arm to do more of the heavy lifting to stave off future tendon surgery, but most importantly to lose weight and give my large but older frame a brake for once. For me I can only thank the only true and wise God and the Son for having mercy on a man like me, worthy of nothing, yet blessed by his grace and loving kindness my whole life.
I had ordered a trunk for my Vino scooter so I can make short but significant trips to the market instead of the large single hauls in my truck. Which although more efficient does not provide an excuse to greet the Lords beautiful days on two wheels. Made in China this removable luggage box is an  Italian Givi clone, but 4 times less expensive yet very close in design, sold legally by J.C Whitney.