Sunday, January 7, 2007

Its been bugging me that I haven’t made an entry for 7 days. After all I don’t want you all to think retired life isn’t exciting. Actually all of life is wonderful for those few that can see past the dollar signs toward friends and family. Ok in the last few days I have been catching up on my reading, for me its always been about the latest technical innovations. Besides that I have been working out mostly at the gym and put off bicycle riding until the latest round of windy days calm down. Still riding my motorcycles off road and on road a new street was just constructed from my house to the local Wal-Mart which has given me an excuse to use my scooter to shoot strait down to the market avoiding all the speedy traffic on the parkway. So now instead of loading up the car with food once a month, I am like a European driving my scooter up and down the hill with small grocery loads sticking out of my scooter. Also little by little I have been repairing my RV Winnebago for some trips with my good friend Bill this summer up to northern AZ and NM to do a bit of land speculation, maybe even a trip to AK. on the motorcycle front I have might be purchasing a 92, KZ1000 Police motorcycle cruiser for my good friend Dave who lives in CA. If all negotiations go well I will be able to talk him down to only $1000, a real steal deal. Anyway I will make sure I get some pictures for my next entry.