Monday, January 1, 2007


Since my last entry had passed I had the opportunity to enjoy good company with my good friend retired Master Chief Gunner Dave. We had quite a whirl wind visit for the 24 hour visit which started from Friday afternoon until Saturday afternoon. We started with dinner at the new Laughlin Marina restaurant I have named the Light House since that is exactly what it looks like and on the water overlooking the river inlet. Yes I know I forgot to get pictures. I can honestly say that I have never eaten such delicious baby back ribs mixed with lean portions of country style ribs, fresh baked bread and cold slaw. Later that evening back at El Domus Derelinquo, the latin name I gave my home which means "The Desert Home" ,
 we had the traditional bonfire in the front court yard with Red Dog & Fat Tire beer, and of course great discussions. Saturday morning we were up early with Italian coffee and twelve grain toast then off to see some used motorcycles I found in an add. If all works out Dave might become the proud owner of a Kawasaki Police 1000 complete with foot peddles, needed for Dave's OK leg, but we are still working on the price. Mid morning we headed out for a day ride through the desert on a tour of the gold mines in the area and a trip up to the rout 66 lookout over Golden Valley. After that we made our way back down rout 66 into Oatman which was as crowded as ever I have seen it and yes I should have gotten pictures because it was incredible and made me realize that Oatmen is going to become a very expensive historical tourist destination as Bullhead continues to grow. There was only one table open at the Oatmen hotel and we had the lunch special of barbecue sandwiches, home made french fries with the dark lager beer
which was all awesome. Dave had to get back up to Monterey CA so we headed back to Domus Derelinquo that afternoon. I realize I have to get better at taking pictures of anything I find interesting rather then debating with myself if I feel like pulling out the camera. The picture I did take was at the mined and although it doesn’t show it Dave was having a great time despite his now healed multiple fractured leg. Dave is a better optimist then myself able to see potential in even an empty glass and never a complaint. As we enter the New Year I am thankful to God for every bit of my life, my wonderful children and the incredible world we live in tragedies and all. That Christ should consider me to be born among man and have the opportunity to exist and my spirit interface in Gods created universe is truly  a miracle not worthy of any complaint, but rather praise.