Monday, January 22, 2007

BSG NEW SEASON EPISODE & today at the clubhouse gym

I never seem to be satisfied about a journal entry unless I have a picture. Now that I have a smaller pocket digi-cam I should be taking more pictures but I was concerned about finding new and interesting scenery for the post. But I realize this journal is for my benefit first and foremost which includes all of it opinions and view points. Anyway Bill is back from Michigan and we will be starting some new desert  excursions for some beautiful pics. But I will also try and take more spontaneous pics and as soon as I get a camera mount for my motorcycle will be taking some movies with sound. For now you have to settle for the pic above.

Well the new BSG season started out with about half a doesn't drama moments which keep me staring at the screen as I was preparing some 15 bean soup & hammock to slow cook overnight, you know healthy retired food. So Boomer gets her husband to shoot her in order to be reunited with her baby, now that's love. The poor chief engineer who repairs fighters is assigned the mission of getting the temple to start like some stone age rub-ix-cube only to have Cylon blond number two be there to get all the secrets while he takes a walk on the hillside. Then Cylon blond two recives a temporary dirt namp by her supposed backup Cylon model "old guy". For being robots the Cylons are sure having allot issues with leadership, beliefe systems and a killer virus.  Boltar, instead of staying back at the Zillon base ship enjoying finger sandwhiches & great music, decides to play Harrison Ford and ends up losing both blonds and gets head wacked by the chief in the Temple of Doom. It all ends in a happy reunion with everyone making it back to Galactica, Boomer with her baby and new virgin body for hubby (wow). Zillon blond number one ends up in the Galactica brig againe together with lover Boltar, but I doubt their cries heard will be from pleasure.