Tuesday, January 16, 2007


 It seems on some BBS sites if you want to post a picture of something, in this case my installation of a windshield on my Yamaha Vino 125 scooter seen in the forground, you must have it already posted on a website somewhere. So I had to post it here on my journal first which OK as it gives me an excuse to make a new entry. I try to be practical when it comes to modifications and avoid them unless there is real added value. So I was prepared to return this OEM Yamaha windshield I received if it didn't like it. It turned out to look OK but mostly I was very impressed with how much it blocked the wind and improved control in high winds (20-35 MPG winds) when I went out riding today. Yamaha also did an excellent job coming up with a solid mounting method which only required a bit of patience to install. Anyway I am pretty scrutinizing when it comes to adding options but this one impressed me. If your all wondering why I have a scooter its because of it convenience to run to the corner store or to the community clubhouse for a workout without allot of preparation when I just want to scoot, and because its so much fun, something we all need to do more of before we are unable. I truly believe that when it comes to acting like children, play was something the good Lord put in us to enjoy at and age