Thursday, December 14, 2006


Since I retired and moved to a resort location without a military base nearby, I have had to pay a higher price for food, health, hobby facilities and free celebrity events, but mostly fitness. No more access to a base gymnasium with all the nautilus equipment and Olympic size pool and track, and no access to a very important machine which hyperextend and exercises the back muscles in the lumbar region, which is almost impossible to duplicate on a mat because it is sort of like trying to do an inverted or backwards sit up.
  Anyway all the off roading and plant rescue finally took its toll last night and my lower lumber muscles (the weak link) slipped out of position. After taking some pain meds I was able to use some home therapy and isometric moves I learned in the Coast Guard to get my lower disk’s back to pop back in position. Long term however, especially if I am going to continue active off road sports, its imperative that I continue to keep those necessary muscle groups in shape to avoid and minimize injuries which I have done well except for the back hyperextension. I see so many others get hurt so easily because they wont take advice and  think walking around the block is enough when walking is about the worst exercise yielding no cardio vascular or muscle toning and as a result pay the price in injury repeatedly while their doctors make out in health care visits.  Anyway after allot of research I ordered a very good manual hyperextension bench which is adjustable and doubles as an abdominal bench for only $200 shipping included. God willing it will be one weak area I will be able to keep in check.