Sunday, December 24, 2006


Me and my daughter hit the trails this morning at 11am. Its surprising how much preparation goes into getting ready. For the Suzy RM100 I had to premix 40 parts gas to 1 part racing oil with a formula mixing cup. Then check the air pressure on all the tires for both the RM100 and the Ozark 250 quad, the quad needing air in both back tires. Off roading seems to bounce the air out of tires compared to street use, so checking before a dirt ride is very important. Quads make excellent mules so we loaded food, water, beer, cameras, cell phones, radios, GPS, and extra clothing into the trunk. The day was of course sunny but more importantly beautiful as it was 64 degrees dry, which made it feel like 70 with the winds out of the east at only 7 MPH. We started through the sand wash which peals off Silver Creek Road and into a new secret hidden canyon which I discovered last week. My daughter and I took turns riding the RM100 which performed excelling with the lower gearing and new iridium spark plug which lasted the entire 50 mile round trip. The new canyon opened up to very beautiful large cactus meadow which I had never seen before (pictured above). This lead to another canyon which branched off to a boxed canyon with waterfalls I had never seen before (pictured above). It was obvious that this was a seasonal steam which must be spectacular in the spring and fall. Each small pond carved out of solid rock held tiny fish so small you could not see them through the camera lens. We made our way out of the boxed canyon and discovered a trail that led us to Golden Valley mountain pass which was great because I no longer have to drive up to my second home (rented) in Foothill Estates to access this mountain pass. Anyway it was a great ride and we had our picnic on top of the mountain complete wit Red Dog beer which put a spring in our step and glint in our eye to return. Not wanting to push our luck we returning on the same rout we came which put us back home at 5pm. Hopefully I will remember all the many canyons, sand washes and trials that we crossed for a return in spring. I am very thankful to Christ who was with the Father when it all was created for our sakes, creation embedded with his signature wherever you look. I am also blessed and thankful for the time I have been given with my children so far. Its hard to imagine that all of it will pale in comparison to heaven where it will all be perfect.