Friday, December 29, 2006

Hyperextension bench and Quad-Roller massage cusion

After my last bout with back pain due mainly to a lack of targeted lower back exercise, I have decided to put my New Years resolution into affirmative action. Like I mentioned in a previous entry 30 years in the military had me spoiled using targeted exercise machines, most specifically hyperextension. Trying to explain this to most people who's exercise consists of strolling and toe touching is like trying to explain right-angle trigonometry. In any case it does wonders in keeping my lower back bones from impinging my spinal cord by keeping the back lumbar and lower front abdominal muscles in shape. So far the results have almost been immediate and my back couldn’t be happier. I also got one of those Quad-Roller massage cushions. The rollers move up and down, out and in and uses a remote control to target specific spots on the back and use different roller moves to hit the muscles. All I have to say about this item is it was worth every penny.
   On a different note my old shipmate Dave the Master Chief Gunner is coming by for a visit and an overnight to spend some quality time and take a ride with me on some of the new trails I found. Dave has a bad knee that was broken in several places and had numerous metal pins and rods, but being a career Guardian like me, excuses are not a big part of our life. Overall although this year has been difficult for our country in facing evil and will probably get worse before it gets better, I am humbled before Christ who has given us all so much, even our very existence a treasure and miracle. How we can possible make comparisons or assign blame to his will is beyond me. Every morning before we rise and lay to sleep we should fall on our faces and offer up sacrifices of praise for his continual expression of love in all of creation.