Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Creation the expression of Christ's love, requires praise

I have been feeling guilty about not keeping up with my journal entries but then when you consider that only one 10th of one percent of people in industrialized nations have an online journal, I don’t feel so bad. With Christmas right around the corner I have been preparing for my daughter and close friend visit which will include a twist on my usual slow cooked turkey dinner using a duck instead of a turkey but complete with turkey stuffing and whole candy yam casserole. Also some eggnog, rum, brandy, orange juice, Blue Sky vodka, and cranberry juice, not to be all consumed of course but you have to have variety without running out and no place to buy replacement when everything is closed and you are in the middle of a bonfire guitar song. In addition chemical logs for that instant colorful outside bonfire complete with marshmallow skewers. During the day we plan (Christ willing) to dress warmly and take a new secret scenic rout through the desert on the quads that will take us from my back yard all the way to the north side of Mt Nutt where the views are so spectacular it looks like you can see forever.
    The physical therapy exercises I have been doing for my back have helped allot and for the most part I am back to my old self, although I was reminded that it was all a part of old age and to get used to it, unfortunately I have never been a proponent of defeatism so as usual I will take action rather then words. Above are pictures of the new tires I ordered for my Suzy DRZ400 dirt bike and received UPS in just two days free shipping from the best supplier I ever used "Rocky Mountain ATV", also a new countershaft sprocket for my daughters Suzy RM100 to give it more power in low gear. This will be the second pair of tires I have worn out with over 5000 desert miles on my dirt bike. There are some that have had there dirt bikes for over 5 years with the same set of tires, making me wonder why they even bother faking life. As for me its like that Honda commercial "I wanna ride...I wanna ride....I wanna ride...."  I promise to make a follow-up entry with pictures of the cooked duck, bonfire and trail ride, until then remember life and creation is the ultimate expression of Christ's love and we were created to enjoy it abundantly and to that end praise Him for it.