Saturday, December 23, 2006

Chinese Christmas Turkey

I got the idea from the movie A Christmas Story, and wouldn’t you know it turned out great along with the stuffing and as you can see pulling the stuffing out of the duck took its toll but not on the flavor. This morning I made Italian espresso which we ate with Marie Colander pumpkin pie and of course stuffing and gravy which was made from the dripping of the duck. On a side note I found a great deal on a KX1000 motorcycle on ebay which I turned my buddy Dave on to since he is looking to get back into larger bikes. Long story short the deal fell through but their are always other deals out their and we are both keeping our eyes open as life is a journey  and meant to be experienced not just considered. Last evening the sunset from my back yard was especially beautiful as you can see, which I consider blessing since I never had a view like this before. Today my daughter and I are getting her Suzy RM100 ready for today’s ride by installing the new lower gear and cleaning the air filter which was filthy, hard to believe some people just add oil and as part of there total maintenance, so I’m spending patient time with her to teach her how which has its own broader benefits. Well two days to go and I hope everyone has a great Christmas.