Saturday, November 11, 2006

WILL AMERICA QUIT / Fabrication of quad rack

Well as usual its been a while since my last entry. After all with the election upset of the democrats having a majority in the House there is a lot to worry about. Too many Americans are losing there resolve which has been a part of our history, we care so much about our possessions and our individual status in the world that we have taken for granted the cost of liberty. 911 Was a real attack on the USA not unlike Pear Harbor and our actions to confront terrorism on the most visible fronts (Afghanistan and Iraq) were totally logical and justified. All of it to defend freedom and democracy against a well known and well established enemy that swears it will see our cities burn soon disappear overnight, guess what that means! We have seen our brave and gallant forces holding back what has provided us 5 years without a successful terrorist attack on this country not realizing what the alternative could and would have yielded far worse. So now we have had a change of hart and we want the democrats to stop the war and bring our troops home from over there, while the terrorist have sworn just yesterday that they will carry the battle over here. If we as Americans allow the democrats to do this and take the stupid road of appeasement, we will most certainly pay a very heavy price in this country that we may not recover from. Unfortunately for us Iran with it two and believed to be now tree underground nuclear enrichment reactors will most certainly have a major roll to play (as Iran’s president has sworn) while at the same time befriending us. Like any enemy the terrorist have learned allot and I believe next time there timing and precision of multiple targets will be thousands of times more devastating, sound familiar. But in the mean time we can rest assured that we will be able to buy that new model SUV’s or that dream home in that new suburbs, or even that I-Pod and not have to hear or watch that unpopular nasty little war on our new wide screen TV (sweet dreams america). Too many of us take for granted or don’t have a clue what the cost many a brave Americans lived and died for in this country where freedom and prosperity flourish. For the appeasers who believe that the shedding of blood is un-necessary for freedom, here are the numbers war dead as a result of the USA being attacked and wining, without which none of us would be around to complain.

1775 Revolutionary War 25,324 Killed

1861 Civil War 563,000 Killed

World War I 116,708 Killed

Pear Harbor attack 2,388 Killed Americans declare War

World War II 408,306 Killed Americans win war

World Trade Center attack 5000+ Killed Americans declare war on terror

Iraq War on terror 2,800 Killed, America finally quits ????????????!!!

Having said all that , after voting last Tuesday and following up with writing my representatives I took time to finish the fabrication of quick release rack for my Ozark quad. The rack I mad will allow me to quickly remove or install either the Big Wes storage box for trail riding or the Kolpin dump box for yard work. Now rather then having to unscrew, remove and replace 10 bolts and nuts (1 hour) each time I need to make a change, it will now only require the removal of 4 Clevis pins which just pop in and out and takes all of about 2 minutes to exchange. Now I could have just bought two quads (one for each job) but as a republican its important to be realistic and use the resources necessary to effectively accomplish the task.