Thursday, November 16, 2006

Our gift to create or what we call engineering

Anyone who know me will tell you my favorite hobby is motorcycle riding followed closely by motorcycle engineering. Man was truly made in the image of God, not only in our capacity of knowledge, good and evil, but also and probably most evident our ability to create, albeit on a much smaller scale. A new motorcycle for 2008 made by Kawasaki called the Concourse 14 will be the first Intercontinental Supersport Tourer. Here are some of the previews out of Cycle World magazine and I posted a few pictures above because from what I have read and seen, this bike will be the first to combine Supersport performance and luxury touring using next generation technology without compromise:

Kawasaki has dubbed it the first Transcontinental Supersport Tourer. It uses the Ninja 1400 computer controlled engine for manageable power (200 HP) but in addition has variable valve lobe timing to put out max torque through the entire power curve. Its held together by the next generation monocoque aluminum frame using the engine and gas tank (which is also a trunk) as stress members (no frame and super light). A new rear suspension called Tetra Lever Drive which eliminates all previous jacking behavior known of shaft drives making it super supple at any power application. Almost no wiring harness as it uses a separate computer in the consol to manage data transfer to display all the basic functions including tire pressure, fuel mileage, gear position, trip meter, and electric adjustable wind screen. Kawasaki officials claim that the Concourse 14 will be the lightest, most powerful, best handling, and most comfortable, maintenance free production Supersport touring motorcycle ever created.

Year: 2008
Make: Kawasaki
Wight Approx: 380 pounds
Price: $13,000

Horse power: 200
Torque: 160 FP

Top speed:198 MPH *limited
Key features:

* 1,352cc Four-Cylinder, DOHC Engine with Variable Valve Timing (VVT)
* Driven Dual Engine Balancers
* Ram Air Induction
* 32 bit Computer (ECU) Controlled Digital Fuel Injection

* ECU Digital Ignition and idle speed control
* Digital Timing Advance enhances power
* Hydraulic radial-pump clutch for smooth and precise clutch engagement
* Monocoque Aluminum Frame engine stressed member to radically decrease weight.
* Petal-type Radial mounted four-piston ABS brake calipers.
* Tetra Lever four-link design driveline provides smooth acceleration when exploiting the engine’s incredible power output.
* Virtually maintenance free, entire system dramatically reduces routine maintenance requirements for 200,000 miles.

* Bodywork Optimized for Supersport Touring promotes smooth airflow around the rider and passenger with no buffeting
* Integrated, locking hard luggage offers plenty of storage, without disrupting the Concours 14’s style or performance
* Electrically adjustable vented windscreen
* Large, comfortable Gel seats offer long-distance comfort for both rider and passenger
* Trunk integrated into the fuel tank stress member in front of driver

* Computer ECU controlled full Instrumentation, easy to read speedometer and tachometer, with multi-function LCD digital display odometer, two trip meters, fuel gauge, gear position indicator, clock and tire pressure gage.
* Controller Area Network (CAN) interface all computers, controls, gauges, sensors, smart key security, and lights allowing almost no wiring harness for greater integration of information.