Sunday, October 8, 2006


This weekend was particularly fun as my Son and daughter came to visit and get together. My son Nate has decided to try and move from the east coast to the west coast as soon as an employment opportunity presents itself. My Daughter Sandy decided at my encouragement to come down and make it a reunion and to take advantage of the cooler weather for some all day activities. Besides the usual going out to eat , movie shows and conversation we decided it was a great opportunity to do some trail riding and street lessons on the Vino 125 to learn some motorcycle skills which is the best experience toward eventually getting their street motorcycles license. After visiting for a week Nate had to fly back to Virginia on Saturday to plan his next move which hopefully will be closer to home. Sandy and I decided it would be cool to take the B12 out for a short road trip up to Golden Shores, Oatmen, and Golden Valley on rout 66. God willing, I pray that I will have many more days like this weekend and regardless of the inevitable, Christ will keep us together by his grace , forgiveness, and love.