Saturday, October 14, 2006

Shipmate from the Coast Guard

A good buddy of mine and shipmate from the Coast Guard I served with for over 20 years stopped by yesterday afternoon after visiting his parents in Minnesota. From time to time we get together to share in our common hobbies and reminisce about our 30 years careers in the Navy and Coast Guard, the missions we performed and the camaraderie we experience away from home only to appreciate what we had once we returned to our families from our Coast Guard family. Although the retired Master Chief and I are getting on in years we still enjoy our love of the service, motorcycles, guns and the outdoors. We had planned a off road trip up to the waterfalls this morning but last nigh brought one of the biggest monsoon rain storms we have had in two years that lasted all of last night and into this afternoon. This of course meant that many of the desert trails would be impassable and flash flooded so that plan was replaced with buying a case of dark ale and watching the season primer of Battle star Galactica. I must admit that I never liked any role that Edward James Almos has ever acted in until he played the role of Captain Adama who he portrays perfectly as the quintessential ships captain and military father/leader. So with our beers and bowls of jiffy puff popcorn freshly air popped and buttered, we had a good time with excellent conversation the entire evening.

We also took the time to check out my Yamaha Vino 125 Scooter discussing the new and old technology that make scooters a very special mode of transportation. Dave recently bought himself a restorable 1970 Honda C70 scooter seen in the picture above along with my 07 Yamaha 125 Vino. Dave was surprised at the balance and smooth ride of my new Vino scooter and the ease of operation with its simple CVT auto transmission and centrifugal clutch. But you cant beat the older Honda C70 scooter with its classic colors and beautiful curves, a true little lady which when fully restored, the Master Chief promises me a road race down here on highway 66 from Oatman to Golden Shores and back. Well maybe just a fun rally ride and picnic. Cant wait shipmate.