Thursday, October 5, 2006


I may have mentioned that my Suzuki RM100 racer that I converted over to a trail bike has had some off and on problems that I have been trying to identify. When your retired it’s a little unnerving to consider having to do major repairs on something when there is no time constraints as you can simply put it off until tomorrow and then next week. The little bike has been plagued with working just fine for 30 minutes followed by stalling. After putting off really addressing the issue all summer I finally got tired of having that cloud over my head and hit the service manual. After all this is a small engine I can work on in my living room, not as if it’s a car or truck you have to crawl under like the Toyota Carola that has bee sitting in my back yard, but that’s a different story (Mexican thing). Anyway the following is the fix that I posting and placed on my dirt bike BBS “Pinger Talk”, but it is spelled out here for your information: