Sunday, October 22, 2006


Well it looks like the son came to rescue his dad, Captain Adama on BSG. I thought it was a little weird how the Galactica entered the atmosphere then jumped after launching fighters. I guess they are going to have to trust the Boomer Zillion now that she saved them, but if she finds out she was deceived and her baby isn’t dead, she may shoot Adama again. The XO lost his wife along with his good eye and looks pretty bent and burned out without her as she was pretty good for him and probably kept the little xo happy, now alone the XO my shoot himself after all. Adama hasn’t had a mate through the whole series which has probably kept him alive but and I think he may be due for a relationship with someone maybe madam president. Starbuck didn’t have a baby after all, but I suspect she will allow herself to get pregnant now that she knows cool parenthood can be.

I found allot of upgrades for my Vino 125 scooter. There is a 160cc big bore kit, exhaust and CVT transmission parts that make it run faster. All the guys on the scooter BBS forums that have this bike hardly wait a year and start gutting their scooters. Myself having some engineering experience know better then to screw up a perfectly good stock motor before its at least 3/4 of the way worn out. On a scooter that is about 10,000-14,000 miles and since I average 10 miles a day to the mailbox and gym, I don’t think I will be alive by the time I put 14,000 miles on my Vino. The only thing I will do after the warrantee is finished is install a stage 1 kit like I did on all my other bikes (B12, Ozark, RM100, and DRZ400). A stage 1 or 2 kit is just an opening up of the normal intake, exhaust and carburetion jetting against required GOV restrictions, a fairly recent thing since 1995-present. Rather then actually add power it simply restores about 15% of the power originally intended by the manufacturer but restricted by the GOV. De-restricting cost very little and actually improves engine life. But De-restricting is best done correctly by using a dyno tested kit that is sold, saving you the agony of trial and error doing it yourself. In the old days we would just drill extra holes in the restricted exhaust which helped some but the real key is to also de-restrict the intake (more air), followed by increasing the carburetion jetting, providing a given stock engine the best power possible, all included in a sold kit ready to install. Older motorcycles like Norton’s and Honda 90 trail bikes didn’t have the problems of restriction so kits were never needed, just a handy screw driver. Anyway I posted some pictures of Vino 125 modifications one can purchase. I know for most of you boring, but mechanics is a big part of my expression also. I must also state the disclaimer that all de-restricted products or methods for vehicles talked about here are for the sole purpose of OFF ROAD USE PERFORMANCE OR TESTING ONLY.