Monday, October 30, 2006

Bicycle update and securing your scooter load for the road

OK the last time I posted about bicycles I was talking about switching from low end Wal-Mart special $80 to a $500 high end bike. After calling a well known online bike supplier out of Aspen Colorado where bicycling of every kind is a big pass time I was told by the sales agent “(agent) Sir although a high end bicycle will give an improved ride and agronomics, the need to replace parts such as wheel bearing and crank bearings will be about the same as these parts only last about 2500 miles and if you really want a bike that good shock absorbers you need to spend at least $1500 to $7000.” I was about to tell him are you nuts? But said instead said your kidding right? A high end motorcycle cost $9000 and the bearing last 100,000 miles, how can this be? “(agent) Oh yes sir high end Aspen bicycles are very meticulous interments made of space age metals and some of our special cliental have bought our upper most high end bicycles which can cost as much as $70,000.” Alrity then, I need to do a little more research and will call you back. So I have a whole new outlook on my Wal-Mart Huffy Special and will be buying and installing the $8.98 parts to prove it.

On a different subject a buddy of mine (Master Chief retired D.G.), a scooter aficionado, sent me these pictures above on examples of how to properly load your scooter on the way home from the market as there should be no reason to be intimidated by the size of your load or the need for the trunk of a gas guzzling car.