Friday, October 20, 2006


As usual I was watching a discovery channel series on the origins of the universe. Space science is probably the only studied area that has to change its theories every couple of years as scientist struggle more and more with evidence that the universe was created and not a quantum mathematical leap of odds that just fell into place. Turns out that although the Big Bang theory has been proven right scientist using the Hubble telescope and spectrometry found out that at the Big Bang no elements on the periodic table existed (Iron, oxygen, hydrogen exc.) and that only light which is not an element appeared first somehow (“and God said let their be light“) and that the creation of all elements were made by the light in the stars after that in just the right configurations (“then God created the firmament and saw that it was good“).  Also using the Hubble Scope scientist marked hundreds of positions (like land marks) in the universe to determine how fast the universe is slowing down before it shrinks back down for a repeat of the “natural” Big Bang, starting all over again. What they found out astonished them, that not only is the universe not slowing down but it is speeding up and spreading further and further apart and will continue until it reaches the speed of light and disintegrates all elements never to exist again unless there is intervention. This means that the original Big Band which did occur was not a repeating phenomena and scientist are now faced with the fact that it had to be a created event and are struggling to find an explanation to stop creationist scientist from writing it into science theory.

Its so wonderful and comforting to know that God has a plan for us if we chose it.

“Because of the cross we are saved by grace and salvation is a gift, but few there be that find it“.