Thursday, September 21, 2006


With my last blog entry more then 6 days ago I have been out in circulation having fun. As a cycle lover that could only mean one thing right? Well not exactly. Those of you that know me know that although I like to purchase things that are fun also know that function and value play a big part in my purchasing decisions. For example I am the kind of person that has to research, consider the use of an item, and its benefit against what I already have (no impulse buying). Every vehicle I have ever bought wether for practical use or recreation I have used for at least 10 years before wasting money on something I didn’t really need. As some of you know I have considered buying a new dirt bike to replace my DRZ400 which is a good trail bike but not great like the Honda 450x or the KTM 450EXC. And although there is nothing wrong with considering such a replacement purchase, considering should be part of the process of whether or not it should happen based on other factors like how much money am I wasting with respect to my short and long term income. There is a saying after all that says that if a person consumes more then 1/4 of there liquid savings on disposable income, they will probably spend the rest of there savings before they are able to replace it. Having said that and with respect to the other things I mentioned its important to make wise and effective choices.

So even though I have considered and research buying a new-used truck I haven’t done so yet because my 1992 Nissan Pick-up with 185K miles on it is still putting money in my pocket every month and cost me about $300 a year in insurance, and mostly because it still runs great.

Even though I would like to buy a new Honda 450x or KTM 450EXC, my DRZ400 is doing a good job taking me through the desert, climbing and jumping over everything I need to get past and over with a lot of fun. So I will probably be sticking with my Suzy 400 for a few more years.

Even though I considered and would like to buy the new Ninja 1400, fastest and most advanced production motorcycle ever made, I wont. My Bandito 1200 is already more awesome then most motorcycles out there Harleys and Ducate’s included.

Even though I thought it would be cool to buy a race quad like the Honda 450RE or the Suzuki 400R, I realize that my Ozark 250 does everything I ask including yard work, so why would I spend more for what I don’t need.

Which brings me to what I did buy last week and what I have been doing and why. After much research and thought toward my needs which of course must include fun, I realize I don’t have a vehicle for short quick trips like to the Circle K or the market down the street. In addition those small trips add up and even though gas has come down a little, with everything going on in the middle east you can bet it will continue to rise to record levels. Annalist predict that by the year 2010 gas prices will be $5 a gallon in the US and will rise $1 every two years thereafter. So here is a hint to my need and solution, what gets 80 MPG, drives two people at 60 MPH, weighs less then 180 pounds, and cost less then $2000. YES that’s RIGHT! A Yamaha Vino 125. The last 6 days I have been scooting all over town but mostly on short errands like the Circle K, the club house gym, some of my neighbors homes , and to the mail box, but not too often to the gas station. With automatic transmission, storage under the seat , full interments, disk brakes and a peppy little engine it’s a kick in the pants to ride around. So take a look at the pics above and know that I am using it, allot!