Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Well its been 11 days since I had the fall on my Suzy 400 (dirt bike) and everything has just about healed up thanks in part to medical intervention. It seems odd that with having our own immune system to fight off disease and heal that we would need some help from medicine to make sure its happens without complications. Take for instance my arm which stopped healing due to a bacterial infection, the antibiotics the Doc prescribed did the real trick and its almost completely healed up, and my right foot which just a few days ago looked like the foot of a rhino has completely lost all swelling after using the steroids. I will spare you the pictures as they are just normal limbs now and nothing to gawk about. The really good news is I am back to most of my routine riding my bicycle today 6 miles and even though my foot was sour it was working well and my body felt anxious to get back to working out the vascular system in return for those marvelous endorphins (opiates) that the brain puts out and get us that natural free high.

During all this recovery time putting around the house I was thinking of rewarding myself with something new or different like a new motorcycle or quad racer, but I realize that its important to recognize anecdotal behavior weather it comes to eating, buying, or abusive substances the reasons are all the same. We all want to make ourselves feel better by taking a short cut to feeling better about ourselves and the truth is that being honest with ourselves, facing reality , and acting upon the truth is what is best for us. And the truth can only be found through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Having said that there is nothing wrong with a few toys as long as it doesn’t take the place of true growth on the road to becoming a more self fulfilled person.