Saturday, September 30, 2006


I received an invitation today from the Fox Creek Community ATV Club. Although the club is unofficial and the brain child of Uncle Bill, Uncle Bill gave me a call today and asked if I could be ready in an hour for an ATV off road trip up near Golden Valley at an old ghost rest stop that was popular before the new highway between Bullhead and Kingman bypassed this old rest stop.  Although the renovations to my Ozark ATV were not yet complete (replacement of my storage box) I couldn’t let this opportunity go by, so I accepted the invite and did what I had to get my quad ready and carried a fanny pack for water. After meeting at the Fox Creek sister community called The Preserve it seemed like everyone was waiting on me, but I was ready enough with my little Ozark next to everyone else who was driving two-up 4x4 muscle quads. Although my little Suzy Ozark is only a 250cc utility/sport hybrid, it is also about half the weight of a two-up quad, so it managed to keep up quite well although my short wheelbase makes for a harder ride. Most of these guys are older then me but you wouldn’t think so the way they ride and the paths they take. These guys hit the trails as hard if not harder and faster then I ever have on my Ozark, so I was very impressed and very sore. After reaching the Old rest stop it was interesting to see how the old two lane road between Bullhead and Kingman had been replaced by the new super highway up above with no access which killed this old rest stop by bypassing all the traffic. The old buildings, gas station and two lane road now deserted rubble inspired thoughts of a nostalgic time long past when model A-Fords from back east made there way to the old town of Bullhead and the great Colorado River (no casinos). The entire trip lasted from about 1030 until 1700 and with the last heat of summer still hanging on (94deg).  Water never tasted so good and because I didn’t have my storage box replaced yet I wasn’t able to carry all the cold drinks and goodies these good folks had, but being great neighbors they had mercy on me and offered me more then my mere hot water bottle I had brought which finally by the end of the day broke my pride and partook in the ice cold liquid. After getting home I felt pleasantly worn out and appreciative of the invitation realizing I would need to make sure my box was ready for next invitation full of rest stop goodies to offer on the next trip. I did however take my digital camera along and hopefully the Fox Creek ATV Club will accept me as the official photo taker of all future expeditions.