Thursday, September 7, 2006

NEW RIDING GEAR FOR FAMILY, with respect to my little fall.

Above is a picture of the blue full face helmet I bought so when my daughter or son visit they can ride with me on the B12 street bike with “full face“ protection, They had been using an open face helmet but that’s not good enough for the street. Full face protects the head, face and jowls.

The above race boot picture is blue over black, but the one I ordered for my daughter are black on black, but it gives you a good idea what they look like. these boots prevent contusions as well as minimize the chance of a fracture to the point that you would have to fall from more then two stories to brake a leg. But they are a little hard to get used to as you cant feel your legs and feet as well as your feet are packed away. Me and my son share the same shoe size so we are set there. If I had been wearing mine (exact same model boot) I would be riding today instead of going to the doctor tomorrow. Now when my kids visit and ride the little Suzy 100, they wont have my experience.