Friday, September 1, 2006


I though that I had been pretty clever by storing all my incidentals while dirt bike riding in my camera bag which hold a lot more then my camera like my wallet , cell phone, mini tri-pod, reading glasses and most recently my house keys. It was one of those perfect mornings in the wash area where the steams run and the wildlife crisscross the trail. Anyway I decided to stop and pull out my mini tripod for an action shot. When I got home I noticed my house keys were missing in the pocket of the camera bag where I store the mini tripod. After climbing through a window oh my home I realized I must have dropped them and the photo’s I took might provide a clue to finding them. And as you can see in the close up shot of the 3rd photo, the white arrow points out the D-ring clip I keep my house keys on along with my mail box keys. Now I just have to get back out there and get them before someone looks at this post and beats me to them.

It seems silly but when I though about this little trial I reminds me about the scriptures where Jesus said “ In the world you will have trials and tribulation, but be of good cheer for I have overcome the world!”