Friday, September 22, 2006


Now that fall is here I decided to take up the offer of a group ride with some of the neighbors from my association. I met a few of these folks over at the clubhouse pool during the summer. All are retired, one a police officer, one civil service, one a scuba instructor and the rest I cant remember. It was a great day to go out to the springs and tackle some challenging tight spots with the bigger quads. One in the group hit some rocks too fast and punctured their tire bad but amazingly the group pulled together their multiple sticky plugs to fixed all the leaks and we were able to continue. There was a lot more that happened I didn’t catch on camera. I had apparently wondered into a bats territory and it attacked me. Luckily the bat was so tiny it couldn’t penetrate my shirt and as I took it off with my glove the bat seemed unconcerned that I was handling him and continued to try and bite through my glove like he hadn’t eaten it weeks. Now you would think that throwing him up in the air would have it fly off, but all it would do is circle and land back on someone else again biting away at their shirts like in some B-movie. We finally figured out it had a nearby nest and we were invading its territory and as we moved on the bat didn’t follow. Its amazing how 4 hours of quad riding will ware you out, all I could think of was getting home, shower and stretch out. It was good to be out with a group for a change because whatever problems had arisen the group was able to pool there resources to help one another, cool.