Monday, September 4, 2006


Just so you know, offroad riding or dirt riding so completely different then street riding. Street riding although fundamentally safe is very unforgiving when accidents occur due to the environment (traffic), compounded by the fact that some riders race on the street or roadways which is very high risk. Smart street riders who like to race or sport join a local raceway club and pay $25 an hour for track time with full race armor at the local raceway. So injuries and fatalities on the practice raceway (a session) are about the same as offroad, very unlikely with a risk factor for injury about the same as water hiking, surfing or skin diving alone. The fatal danger for riding off road alone is getting help if your break down. I carry my cell phone and a GPS locator, but I recognize the need for a more reliable communication system like a satellite phone which can get service anywhere in the world but cost about $25 a minute. Or I have to find a buddy to use the buddy system, problem is I haven’t found one yet as everyone my age is not retired and the 65+ guys can only ride for about 20 minutes before they complain. Anyway in this case I caused the problem by being in a hurry as I was in a rush to get out there to get my lost keys back. I even considered before I left taking the quad (4 wheeler) instead of my motorcycle since I knew I would be in a hurry, if I had taken the quad I wouldn’t of crashed. A motorcycle is 10 times more fun then a quad, but requires 10 times the balance and skill, therefore lack of concentration or mental distraction can cause a crash. So I just have to learn to follow through on what I already knew then get back in the saddle and kick up some dust as soon as possible while I still can. But I am sure as I get older I will retreat to riding a dedicated quad in about 20 more years, even if it means having an IV bottle holder attached to the quad to get my meds.


After the initial crash I was laying there yelling at myself mentally, ("why didn’t I just wait till it cooled off later in the afternoon?, why didn’t I ware your mx boots?, why didn’t I take the quad like I had been thinking of doing?”)

There I was hydroplaning through the heavy sand and gravel and suddenly I hit silt and went down on my right side with my right foot I dragging for balance went back behind me and under the exhaust pipe that sticks out. As the bike came down I could feel the weight of the bike first stretching my foot back dragging across the ground but protected by the soft Wal-Mart hiking boots, but when the full crush hit against my pined leg and foot, the hiking boots provided no crush protection. I felt my ankle make a pop, but not a bad pop, more like popping a finger knuckle pop. So I hope the x-rays show nothing. Bullhead "Foot & Ankle Clinic" is closed this holiday but open Tuesday.

Picking up the bike in that hot sun limping on one foot wasn’t easy and thank goodness for electric starters. Even though the bike was flooded from laying on its side it started up after a few cranks instead of a few kicks. I was going to turn around and go back home but God spoke to me and said "your fine go your almost there." So I got back on and rode on about 200 yards and there it was the shady spot and my key was spread eagle on the path like they were waiting for me. I got off, thanked God and had a drink of bottled water, then God interrupted my thoughts and said "you better get going back before you start hurting". So off I went and picked up my mail and was so glad to be home. Now my feet feel so much better but look worse as the bruising is showing itself which means always take legal pictures of injuries after a day or two when the colors are best.