Friday, August 11, 2006


Its funny how sometimes plans made don’t always seem to work at the appropriate time. With last weeks visit of my brother in law, son and daughter I had hoped to include some 3 person expeditions of the local desert. One person would ride the 250 quad, one the RM100 and me on my DRZ400 leading the way. But alas the little RM100 pictured above was not working as if it to was suffering from cold virus it just wouldn’t run dependably, and in the desert the last thing you want to do is venture off on a temperamental machine that may break down on you. Today I decided to stop procrastinating and find out what the problem was starting with the basics always before doing major surgery. After a few basic checks against the RM100 manual I discovered that the “Air Adjustment Screw” was one full turn out of adjustment (lean) which can sometimes happen due to vibration over time. So wouldn’t you know that after making this minor adjustment the bike performed like new the entire morning. So although non-use at a curtail time was a disappointment, the simple fix means that that there was really nothing wrong with the bike and God willing there will be another time for fun when I have visitors again.