Monday, August 21, 2006

Pool Time

One good thing about living in a retired community is that most of the folks here are too old to use the facilities. I realize that opportunity to retire early was nothing more then the grace of God. So many times I thought about not sticking it out in the military and at the same moment wondered why I wanted to get out when I was having such a great time working with great people. At least those are the answers I got from my prayers. God is always brutally honest when it comes to advice and as always he was right. I often think about all the squandered opportunities he placed before me that I blew off because I thought I knew better. And now these days trying to bestow advice which is precious as gold to any children is like trying to wave down a taxi in New York at midnight. No wonder the bible says that wisdom is more precious then fine gold and sweeter then the honey comb, and that foolishness for pleasure sake is like honey to the lips that turns to dirt and gravel in the mouth.

This is no correlation but I also remember when having chest hair was sign of great masculinity but now a hairless body is all the rage. Not me, I am a gunners mate’s gunners mate, give me a leadership and I will play the quintessential role.