Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Fred and the Planets

The first picture above is my friend Fred who is a retired resident but consistently spends time off in the desert off roading with his VW Bug and practice shooting the ammunition he reloads, a hobby like any other. What surprises me about him is that he is constant in the enjoyment of life with little complaint about his environment and taking advantage of every wonderful moment. I hope as I get older I can continue to utilize what I have to immerse myself in the goodness of what God has created.

Take for example these pictures of the planets and their relative size compared to ourselves. These pictures were sent to me by my sister and they really show us how good things were created. I say good because that is how the scriptures describe creation in that God saw that it was good . Scientist all agree that the size of our world and sun were necessary to support life and were just the right size, not too big or small. The scriptures say that in the end God will scroll up the entire universe like an old garment and everything will be remade perfect instead of just good. That it will be so perfect that for now man cannot conceive in his mined how perfect it will be or look.