Monday, August 14, 2006

The expression of all things created

Waking a little late this morning at 0730 I decided to take my B12 over to the club house and work out on the tread mill and use the free weights while watching the morning news, and It was good to hear that a cease fire was holding in the middle east. After getting my target hart rate up to steam I did some laps in the pool to ease the stiffness in my lower back. Drying off and sitting back to ponder the morning and view of my development where I live I realized that everything we have and everything we as men have created was still the handy work of God. We like to believe that what we make, own and discover is somehow the product of man’s abilities when in actuality it is all because of Gods love and the result of his creation. That is why no matter what our life circumstance, none of it can be compared to the gift of our very existence. The further away we distance ourselves from the concept of Gods love as a reality, the harder it is to justify our existence and pleasure which results in depression and ultimately self destruction. The closer we walk with the living God the more beauty, joy and appreciation we fined in almost everything we see and experience. Although my life so far has been poor example of a good man, I will always acknowledge until my dying day that all of us owe everything we have to God and will be without excuse in the presents of his judgment which we all will exsperience. Thank goodness this same God that created the universe payed the price of that judgment in human and spiritual death on behave of only those those that are not ashamed to acknowledge him and walk with him.