Sunday, August 6, 2006

After my upper respiratory cold

I have been busy fighting off an upper respiratory cold while trying to have fun with my visiting son. He decided to apply for a couple local government jobs while here before returning to Virginia to take care of lose ends. After careful consideration I decided to give him my 97 V6 Honda Accord as he needed a car after getting out of the Coast Guard. So this was a help toward a deserved need rather then un-needed frosting, it also squared up the difference between the help I gave my daughter. My cold finally subsided yesterday after much pain but thanks to the antibiotics my ears, eyes, nose and throat recovered. I would like to blame someone for it but when I saw that even my tenants were sick with the same cold, I chocked it up to a general outbreak. Above are pics of my son’s new car. Overall its been a great week having my sister and kids over with the added excitement that one of my kids will be living here and building there home.