Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Son home from the Coast Guard

I had the great pleasure of picking up my son from the Los Vegas airport last night, which is 80 miles from where I live in BHC. The arrival of the flight was delayed one hour but the drive up at night was much easier then during the blistering hot day. 23 and honorably discharged my son Nate is taking a little time off before applying his learned skills as electronic technician in the job market. But he realizes that his actions in the next few years will lay the path for his future so he is considering all the neuances of job location, salary, medical benefits and job satisfaction. My job as his dad is to make sure he enjoys his visit with me and that my conversation with him is positive and suggestive rather then lecturing. I remember seeing Brad Pit on TV last night and how he commented about being a father and how great it was to naturally fall in love with someone besides himself for a person that is part of himself and that getting his baby to burp seems to give him more satisfaction then anything he has accomplished so far in life, something he never thought could happen or he can explained.

    I must agree that with all of life’s pleasures whether it be intimate relationships with the opposite sex, personal possessions, practice of existentialism, or the ability to squat, there is nothing that will open your eyes to the epiphany of life and existence then to raise a child especially your own child. And for those in life that have raised a child and failed at it, there is no greater loss of achievement.