Thursday, July 6, 2006

Mohave Desert

With summer in full swing in a place some consider to be the hottest part of the world besides the Gobi desert, the Mohave Desert runs a close second with average temperatures of 110-120 in mid summer. Needless to say air-conditioning is more a welcome comfort then most parts of the country but not necessary. As a retired Coastie recuperating from a 30-year career the solitude has been welcomed experience in order to decompress from a life of being plugged into life at 2x speed, looking inward toward my spirit and the purpose of the remainder of my life. Of all the beautiful places I have seen in the world I have always found deserts to be the most beautiful not just in scenic beauty but also in character, quietly welcoming its visitors with deafening quietness, serenity, conformable warmth, and the lack of flying insects. Compared to other remote locations where one is preoccupied with noise, wild life and dangers in the environment, the desert always make one take it in from the inside out. If there was ever a place created by God to reflect on ones life, the desert was created for this purpose.

Above is a picture of the onset of monsoon season from my back yard.