Friday, July 7, 2006


One thing I have learned from a life in the military where moving to a different part of the world or country every 4 years, is that plants are a lot less transplantable then people. I learned quickly that the best plants to buy for any landscape plan is to use the indigenous plants hardiest to the area. With my last set of military transfer orders stating that I was to report to Bullhead City AZ for retirement, I realized that I would be learning about cactus if I wanted plants that didn’t die. One of the species I have been tempted to take out of the local desert is the beautiful barrel head cactus that grows out here but every time I think about uprooting a specimen I think about some poor soul who may be lost in the desert and forgot his water bottle. The barrelhead wouldn’t be there for him to cut and drink the water inside. See picture above of local barrelhead cactus.