Monday, July 3, 2006



Here’s a subject we can all relate to in casual conversation but seldom have any real understanding of how to “effectively” use this measurement that gages food as a fuel or fat! I have always been an athletically active person and experienced the perfect body and in my 49 years have come to realize that although exercise is great number of healthful benefits, it is not the best way to bern calories, lose or maintain weight. Our engines are simply too efficient and our environment in this country provides an endless supply supercharged food packed with fuel in the form of calories. So we are left with the intake side of the calorie equation where the magic button of weight control lives and has a very high impact on the loss or gain of stored fuel (fat). Most of us have tried it with as much success as failures because we try and guess at what too much and too little food is in relation to calories. My point is that like watching the fuel gage on our cars to determine the need for fuel or measuring out the ingredient for a recipe, you need to know and manage your total calorie intake that will help you track and manage how and when to eat. This is something that can bee easy or hard. Luckily I have found the perfect free program online that I have been using for about 2 weeks now and it has really helped me understand how food as a fuel can be managed successfully. Give it a try.