Saturday, July 22, 2006

117 degrees on Lake Mohave

One of the benefits of living on the Tri-state of AZ, CA, and NV besides the desert recreation is the water. Along with having The Colorado River and Lake Havasu to enjoy, the lesser talked about Lake Mohave is also great for shore side picnicking and water sport activity. As a result more and more people are starting to realize that if your going to retire in a desert resort community like Palm Springs where there is no water to cool off, why not Laughlin or Bullhead where there is huge water in the form of lakes and rivers. Don’t get me wrong, actually I am very happy that there has been only a modest exodus to this area, and when most people ask me I say “ Well its awful hot here and the rivers can be dangerous along with the coyotes who eat most pets.”

      One good example is the day spent with both my Son and Daughter today on Lake Mohave. With almost 250 miles of shoreline it isn’t hard to find your own spot to put up a cabana, chairs and icebox full of beer and brunch. Even on this hot day it was easy to stay cool on the Lake, take in the scenery, and debate the meaning of life and world peace. After a day on the lake riding the mighty Speedster it was time for a buffalo burger at the Oatmen Saloon. So you see life is not made up of just one kind of fun like motorcycle racing (as I cant imagine being a pro spectator), its about being enlightened enough to move on to the next level of understanding fun and relationships. In other words there is more to life then being a Laguna Seca weenie, or monkey.