Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Two Black Labs

Since this is a public Journal I feel hesitant to write anything that does not give the public reader something to chuckle over. But more and more I realize that the journal is really for and about me and since I have never cared much for trivial opinions, why should I start now. So today’s entry is pretty routine as it was time to take the Ozark out for a spin. Each day I take a different toy out so that they stay in operating order as sitting only allows the rubber and seals to deteriorate. As I was trailing along the desert off road the background scenery seem to come alive as it appeared that two of the many black volcanic boulders off to the side of the trail started chasing me on my Ozark. What seemed like black volcanic boulders quickly changed shape to resemble a four-legged creature then a Coyote, then two Black Labs. My Friend and neighbor Bob was walking his dogs but this time off the leash. Both dogs that are called Jerry and Samson tried to capture my back wheels amazingly not getting caught by the rear tire. As my mined reasoned the existence of these animated creatures I finally eased off full throttle when I realized who they were and not demons from hell coming to fetch me for a poor christian life. After breathing I sigh of relief I stopped and greeted the dogs and Bob for a chat and though how good it was to be alive.