Friday, June 2, 2006


Ok not exactly my idea of a recreational sport either but out here in the desert you have to find ways to work with dry hot climate, do chores and practice my putting for those nice golf courses. So every month after the sun has done its work its time to pick up the doggie monuments. Hard to believe two medium size dogs (Poodle and Corgi) could crap ten pounds of dry poo a month. Anyway it gives me a chance to use the only set of golf clubs I bought in Virginia from an Irish sailor for $25 and practice for my next golf game. Actually I think I may be on to a whole new sport. Golf courses could double as dog run areas with no need to clean up then golfers could go in and set up opposing teams and drive away at each other dressed in white. After about 4 hours the team with the least poo marks on their whites win! I am sure spectators would come from all over and pay to see it. OK It’s just a thought.