Thursday, June 1, 2006

Mechanical break down in the desert

Another entry long overdue and without pictures. I have been recuperating from a long walk in the desert due to a mechanical break down of my RM100. Because this was just a maintenance ride of only 7 miles I didn’t take water or tools. Now before you think me foolish let me say that my other dirt machines DRZ400 and Ozark 250 both have storage for tools and water and so I made an exception on this occasion since the RM 100 being a track bike doesn’t have storage for these items. Anyway to make things worse I decided to do a little exploring off the beaten path an additional 3 miles out. Just as I was contemplating how well the bike was running the spark plug fouled and the bike stopped, anyone that knows 2-stroke engines knows that unless you have tools to clean or replace the spark plug, the bike will not re-start. Since the RM 100 only weighs 150 pounds I decided to walk it out, something that would have been impossible with my DRZ400 which weighs 300 pounds and never would have been able to push it up the numerous steep gullies I hade to traverse to make it 7 miles back to the edge of town to the Circle K gas station where I consumed about a half gallon of water. I have to say I was never really in danger as I had my cell phone, which I had forgotten, takes photos and could have posted here. The other thing I had going for me was that this time of year I always ride early before it gets too hot and the weather on this day was particularly cool only 85 degrees. So the lesson learned here is that I will never venture out again without basic tools and water. Because I regularly work out the walk and pushing the bike back was doable but took some toll on my back muscles as age (49) makes it much harder to recuperate sore muscles. Just when I thought being over 40 was much harder then being over 30, I am not looking forward to seeing what being over 50 is like. Oh well God willing I will have a new celestial body when this life is over riding really cool machines. Albeit I have included a picture of both bikes side by side. Can you guess which are the DRZ400 and the RM100?