Monday, June 26, 2006

Getting things ready for change.

God willing and looking into the future from the prospective of the past I will have to prepare for some inevitable changes. It appears that in negotiation I will have to part with my rental home I built in Foothill Estates (1st of 3 pictures above). A nice little house I purposefully set on a corner lot facing the entrance of the neighborhood for esthetic effect. But alas all emotional ties must be broken as it will be handed over as a spoil of separated assets. The home I live in now in Fox Creek I will stay in until the housing market recovers and then will sell it (2nd set pf 3 pictures above) and build my new home in Golden Shores on one of three lots purchased and belonging to my children (3rd set pictures above). The great thing about developed land (ready to build & all utilities) is that it already has built in equity so adding a home cost much less. Some of the other proceeds I am left with will go toward land in New Mexico I plan to buy as the market bottoms out I will be looking to buy a block of 20-40 acres that borders the AZ mountains that will be a long term investment as the population continues to grow. God willing it will dramatically increase in value in the next few years with the immigrant population boom (their flocking to America). Oh well like Einstein said its all relative. The Chinese walked the land bridge 15000 years ago between northern Chine and Alaska all the way down to Argentine, them morphed into Hispanics until the Europeans came and took over and now we all running out of room. Sounds like a real-estate opportunity to me!