Thursday, June 22, 2006

Doctor’s appointment for back pain

I had a doctor’s appointment with a full spectrum of lower back x-rays that looked cool. Basically this was an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon in Lake Havasu AZ. It seems that lately my workouts and stretching haven’t been enough to stave off bouts of occasional lower back pain I have after exercise. The X-rays revealed a pretty normal back for a 49 year old with minor indications of bone spur starting but  no current affect on my back. I was given a strength test and flexibility test, which I passed. After the test the doctor and his intern assistant had a meeting with me and told me that my pain and stiffness was normal aging and recommended the use of an anti inflammatory called Naproxen and the lying off of foods heavy in uric acid such as beef brains, beef tong, beef organ soup, shell fish and shrimp. Apparently all this good stuff I like to eat makes it harder with age for your kidneys to handle uric acid, which build up and attack the joints in bouts. In addition continued exercise and strengthening of the mid section and back to keep the back from shifting out of place. So it looks like more sit-ups will be added to my routine and a diet change away from uric acid rich foods. Pretty soon I be eating light dog food to ensure a balanced diet.