Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Dirt Bike News

Since this is a personal journal which is associated with me as an x-military man, talking about specific technical subjects like my love for dirt bike riding is not always conducive to an audience that would rather hear about personal drama like "life after divorce or my battle with field crickets entering my home." But anyone born before 1967 should spark a brain neuron when the words Evil Knievel and Creasers Palace are mentioned in the same sentence. Movies and docudramas have been made about Evil Knievel’s failed jump over Creasers palace on a 600-pound Hog (HD) and breaking almost every bone in his body and the follow-up of son Bobbie Knievel's barley successful strait jump on a dirt bike in 1989. But now the great Mike Metzger gold medallist of X-Games not only successfully completes the 125-foot jump over the Creasers Palace fountains but also does a 360-degree back flip over the length of the jump. Now Mike did this May 5th 2006 and although its old news to MX junkies, its still eye opening news to us baby boomers who were here to see the first attempts by the Knievel's who were placed in the history books.  But now with Metzger’s back flip I think that unless Bobbie Knievel learns X-game tricks like back flips in his old age, the Knievel legend will fade into obscurity and the so the crowds at their venues.  Anyway take a look at Metzger’s Jump by going to the following site and look for the picture of flying motorcycle and click.

"all glory is fleeting."
- Gen. George C. Patton