Thursday, June 15, 2006

Contemplation of the future

Well today marks one and a half years since my retirement and although 30 years made me more then ready to retire, I do miss life at 150 % normal life speed. Not to say I miss the service so much as doing more before 9am then most people do all day, the only recruiting expression that was true. Even though I keep reminding myself that because of that previous life style and so many experiences geographically and socially I have lived the equivalent of almost two consecutive life times, so its ok to skate now. But I still find myself up at 5am trying to go through a schedule with little on it (mountain bike for 7 miles, hit the pool for 20 laps and stretch, then hit the desert off road for a couple hours on one of my machines, then home projects). In between I listen to the mundane complaints from neighbors of how fed up they are with the war, the price of gas and taxes. There was a time I would engage them in a rebuttal but I realize that in this country we are slowly losing touch with what this republic is all about and the value and cost of freedom. Albeit I know there are still enough God fearing people in this Country that stand on chivalrous principal to grant our country blessings through the actions of those that serve and believe in God, in other words the right is still anchored and in control (thank goodness).

      Besides these concerns I am always optimistic about the future, looking for the best in every situation and lessons learned in every mishaps, knowing that in spite of any outcome my participation in this life is nothing short of a marvelous miracle, grateful for opportunity and realizing there is nothing I brought into this life and that it is certain I will take nothing out but my character and eternal spirit which will return back to the great "I Am". Eventually as I capture my second wind I will retire from retirement and get a public service job but for now I am still on retirement motorcycling over dirt, street and occasional track days at Firebird raceway. Above are a couple pictures from my latest dirt ride where I found anold 1955 Ford used for target practice and the morning light against one of the areas I pry and give thanks each day.