Monday, June 19, 2006

Anti-speed traps & marketing Cali kayakers in AZ

As mentioned in a previous entry I received a speeding ticket on Hwy 40, which is the California side just before entering Arizona. The CHP loves to congregate just on the south side of the Colorado River to catch motorist leaving Laughlin Nevada and Bullhead Arizona. California being so heavily in debt as a welfare socialist state, I suppose every available citation is necessary to keep the once beautiful state afloat. I opted to use an online driving school course to keep a point from appearing on my perfect driving record, as I will soon be working again in the security industry. Here is a site where you can sign up for the course  ($29) and send your completion certificate to the court   After this I will be investing in a good stealthy radar laser detector as everyone I know that has owned a decent detector swears that they pay for themselves in the first year. So in the fight against the Big-Bro infraction revenue game where some states have tripled their infraction revenue by 300% using license plate photo and radar traps there are two legal products out that block the cameras photos. One is a clear spray containing phosphorus and the other is a clear prism shield that only allows viewing head on. All of these new countermesures can be found at along with great radar / laser detectors which have been endorse by many news agencies, see the live reviews.

    On another note it was time for my B12 maintenance ride so I lit the fires and headed to Laughlin side for a muddy Star Bucks hot Venti-size and took in the scenery on the boardwalk. Looking at the river with its 6 knot current it dawned on me that besides PWC rentals one could make money renting Kayaks as folks could paddle one-way against the river current and never leave the beach area of there hotel. If I could just market the idea on TV I should be able to convince San Diego Bay kayakers that this is whole new sport, “In Place Kayaking”.  Yes I can see it now, hordes of trendy Cali folk dressed like "potentially successful non-traditional business types" stroking against the current and having their picture taken to adorn there cubicles (If you market it, the Cali’s will come).